Thomas Rosales - Applications

Browser Pets v3.0(Chrome extension)

Browser Pets v1.0 (Chrome extension)

Browser Pets is a fun Google Chrome extension that enables a cute pet to follow your mouse cursor while you browse the web so you can never feel lonely again.
Featuring Pusheen!

Get it HERE!!

Castle Cat Vs Trump and friends (PhaserJS webgame)

Castle Cat Vs Trump and friends

HTML5 game built using the Phaser.JS framework. Phaser lets you create games easily using javascript. I was excited to try it out and came up with some demos. Check it out!

Link to game: Original version
Link to game: Snoop Dog version

Flappy Madness (Flash game)

Flappy Madness (Game)
Flash game created using Stencyl in honor of popular viral game "Flappy Birds".

Play the game HERE

PHP Calendar (DISCONTINUED) (Web App/)

PHP Calendar
It started as a simple college assingment to create a Calendar using PHP and HTML, however I decided to add more features and make it more "usable". One can write text into each day and it retains the data in a SQL Database. Useful for creating schedules, tasks, etc. It is also password protected. User: pho Pass: sapa

View Live DEMO

Simple Tic Tac Toe v1.0 (Android App)

Simple Tic Tac Toe

Simple Tic Tac Toe game for Android. Created with Eclipse and java.


GIF to Video Converter with MP3 Support (Windows Application)

GIF to Video Converter with MP3 Support

A Windows Application, how the title suggests it converts an animated GIF into a video in webm format. What makes this software different is that one can add MP3 audio into the video. Inspired by


NIEM-XSD-to-Excel-Converter (Windows Application)


Built using Windows Forms in C#. This tool is used to generate Excel Spreadsheets from NIEM (XSD) schemas. Compactible with extension, exchange, subset and codelist schemas.