My first official flash game and experimental attempt of yet another Flappy Bird clone using Stencyl framework game engine. The game is still under development, I plan to add/fix new things as time goes by. Feel free to enjoy the game!

     -Less stressing gameplay than Flappy Bird!
     -Score Keeper.
     -Challenging Level design!
     -Random level everytime you die!
     -More realistic than Flappy Bird, you can land on your feet!

Update 2/11/2014

-Added animation to Score Screen
-Added sound effect when dead
-Levels now have at least 50 coins.

Update 2/10/2014

-Created this website!
-Official release date for Flappy Madness 0.9 beta!
    -Levels are limited and ends eventually a fix is nedded..
    -Add more Sound effects and music??
    -Find way to change characters..
    -Rethink level structure.
    -Work on main/intro page.
    -Change sprites, use original sprites, re-work font colors...