Thomas Rosales - Websites

DA WALL v1.0

A fun little experimental web art project. Made in a couple hours.
Features: JQuery, YouTube API , Unlimited scroll, GIfphy API, Custom Auto scroll, Menu sidebar.
Released: 09/03/2017



Built with Jquery and AngularJS. Designed for fun and evil. Generate links to GIFs that are really booby traps enclosed with a popup screamer. Send to friends and family to be hated by everyone you love.

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No Turning Back Meow

No Turning Back Meow

Built in AngularJS. It is daily automated cat blog, showing the newest and top cat GIFs and pictures of the internet. Seed from subreddit MEOW_IRL.

Status: Completed
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Best Of Amz displays top rated items from Amazon. The Site is built using AngularJS and Reddit API. Featuring unlimited page scrolling and social network sharing.

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Of course I put extra effort for my personal site. I always wanted a minimalistic look. The site uses a customized version of the Pure CSS Responsive Side Menu layout. I did pretty heavy changes to the CSS and added some neat scripts.

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A site for a moving company in Northern Virginia. Design help by Monserrat Contreras. Features minimalistic look, smooth scrolling, top button scroll, responsive fluid page, sidebar menu, heavy css styling, bootstrap framework.

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Angelita Express

Angelita Express
Website built from scratch for Latino Mini market located in Woodbridge, VA. with Facebook API integration.

Status: Completed
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Meow Links


MeowLinks is the largest collection of the funnest cat websites found on the internet. Built using ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6 and Twitter bootstrap as frontend framework.

Status: Working as of May 2016
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Wedding Template Site

Wedding Template Site

Wedding Template website built on MVC 5.
Features jquery gallery and picture uploads.

Status: Online
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PhoSapa Vietname Restaurant

Main web developer for Vietnamese Restaurant in Manassas, Virginia.
Status: Completed - December 2013.
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sausage.JPG is a web app written in AngularJS that checks the female/male ratio from a Facebook event. This is determined by extracting the event list of attendees and people interested using Facebook API and calculating the gender by user name using NamSor Gender API. Important: This tool only works in Google Chrome and CORS must be enabled. This extension must be installed: Install this

Status: NOT Working due to Facebook API changes
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JMI MUSIK (Discontinued)

Website template built from scratch for a music producer. 100% Fully responsive. Features a custom slide menu, youtube video, soundcloud, album slideshow, twitter feed, social medio links and support up to 6 pages. Built using pure v0.6.0 framework.

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Other Websites

Arab Countdown Prank: This is a remake from a popular viral flash animation prank from
TerroCat: Let the cat do the job!
Magic Donut: Sitdown relax enjoy the music and mesmerize yourself at the donut of magicness.
Click The Turtle: Just do what the title says and you will be fine I promise.
Fake Apple site: A lazy attempt to copy the home layout of the Apple website.